My Chanel Bag & 3 Tips for When you are Buying Luxury Second Hand Bag Online

Luxury Second Hand bag chanel how to buy luxury second hand bags

My first luxury bag was a Balenciaga weekend bag. In Black and with the famous tassels. I remember it as if it was yesterday... The happiness and to some extend pride! I was a part of the "exclusive" club of girls with a desirable bag. Little did I know, that as soon as I good the first bag, I wanted more bags - a collector's problem I guess! However, I am quite reasonable and my collection is still quite small. The cherry on the top, is my Chanel bag. A dream bag! I bought this Chanel bag on the DBA(danish version of Craigslist) from a sweet and trustworthy seller. The bag was like new, but I decided to get it authenticated from experts anyways… ‘better safe than sorry’, you know. 

There are many options out there when it comes to these authenticate checks. but I chose to do it online. I send the pictures to the experts, waited what felt like YEARS and finally... I got a positive answer. My gut feeling was right, and everything was exactly as it should be. In addition, it was valued higher than what I payed, so it was kind of a bargain. However, I have used it quite a lot afterwards, so think it the price may be a bit lower now.

Looking back at my experiences with buying second hand luxury bags, I have a few good advices that I want to pass on to you guys. 

1. Consider looking at not the most popular second hand webshops where the prices mostly are higher. Often the authenticate it before it's put on the webshop. If you choose to buy it from craigslist, Ebay, DBA, Trendsales or whatever preferred second webshop you have in your country, make sure you can see it before you buy it! Seeing the person IRL, feeling the bag and looking at the receipt, leather etc. often enables you tell if it's fake or not

2. Though the bag comes with a receipt, it may still be a fake. Therefore, get your bag authenticated by professionals. I used Étinceler authenticate (do not be terrified of website design, the women are knowledgeable about Chanel). You can either send it to them or send pictures.

3. Although a verbal agreement is as valid as a written, I think personally it is good idea, to make a written agreement with the seller saying that you will get the bag authenticated and if the results are negative, you will be able to get your money back. Also get as much information on the seller as possible, if it goes wrong and you need to get hold of seller again.