5 trips in east and west planned during the nest 4 months

I love traveling and have already 5 trips coming up! Traveling inspire me to create both in regards to my social channels and my job. So I take every opportunity I can to travel. Luckily i have a sweet boss that allows me to work remote and from a career girls perspective I truly recommend this to every employer! - Seeing how much it does for the employee happniess is tremendous! Anywho, here are my 5 travel destinations for the next couple of months:

Sweden, Gothenburg: This beautiful swedish city is only 3,5 hours away from Copenhagen and I cannot wait to go there and just relax and eat good food together with Mark. We are driving tomorrow so stay tuned for updates on Instagram, Insta Stories and here on the blog.

Hungary, Budapest: I got this trip as a Christmas present from Mark! He knows how much I love city breaks around Europe and he thought we should try something different than the "usuals" like Paris and London. Budapest is a super romantic city and we are staying at an amazing hotel! We are going in early february.

Dubai: We have three days in Dubai in March before we head off to Bali! It has actually not been on the top of my travel bucket list up until we actually booked the trip! Not only are we staying at a gigantic and beautiful hotel, but we are also going on a desert safari! How awesome is that?

Bali: After Dubai we head off to Bali for 4 weeks. We are still planning what's gonna happen there but I assume it will be similar to Dubai aka  lot's of chilling! Luckily I have already a lot of good recommendations from Katrine who lives there and documents her life through her blog.

San Francisco: In April Mark is going on a business trip to San Francisco and even though both of us have just been there I cannot wait to go back! I love SF because of the friendly tech people (yay, my kind of people!), the food and the climate which is similar to Europe.

As I said, this will only be within the first 4 months so I am excited to see what else we will end up doing in 2017!