Zadaa - A New and Easy Way to Sell your Clothes Second Hand

Reklame /Ad for Zadaa 

Over the years I've become much more focused on “cleaning out my closet” - Not the Eminium-way but simply to sell all the "stuff" I'm not using anymore. Not only does it give me less stress not having to dig through endless of stacks of clothes to find that one top I want to wear, it also enables me to earn some money to buy new things that I actually like and wear.

So, for the last month, I've been testing the new second-hand app, Zadaa! Zadaa works like most other second-hand apps where you can buy and sell items, however, there are so much more added value that make the app extremely cool and safe for both buyer and seller! I will get more into detail about it in this blog post. But if you want to go directly to my shop profile OR set up your own shop you can download Zadaa here

My Shop on Zadaa 

My Shop on Zadaa 

My Experience Selling on Zadaa  

I've added 20 products so far to my shop profile in total but already after the first day, I had sold my first item. On Zadaa you are encouraged to be quiet thorough with your description of your products as well as images which increase your likelihood of selling. I like that and I like how well the design kinda guides you through the process of selling your things. It just makes it a very smooth experience. 

Because I set up my account while being on holiday I made sure to write in text that I would be able to send the items as soon as I got back. Not being transparent is one of the things Zadaa tries to avoid in the app by having pretty strict rules for the sales process. E.g. you are being rated as a seller and you get notifications regularly if you haven't sent the item after some days. 

But how does the app know if you have sent the item yet? Well, that leads me to the next cool thing about Zadaa! Zadaa has this thing called DAO which is a delivery service that costs 30dkr and is being paid by the buyer. You simply go to your nearest DAO pickup place, with your parcel where you have written down the package code (you get the code when you have sold an item). The code enables Zadaa to monitor where the parcel is and when it's being delivered to the buyer who then gets a notification once the parcel is being delivered at their DAO pickup place. Easy and safe for both parties! 

Zadaa second hand clothing app review

My Experience as a buyer on Zadaa

As soon as I had created my account with my profile data, I was directed to shopping feed with countless of items other people had set up for sale. The best part was that everything was in my size, so the only thing I had to decide on was which things I wanted to buy. I could choose to narrow my search to something product or brand specific but I just chose to "go with the flow" and let Zadaa show me everything it had to offer. If I saw something I liked I could save it to my "saved items" which I, later on, learned enabled me to get notifications if the seller lowered the price. Eventually, I spotted some cool vintage Tommy Hilfiger jeans in the popular "mom jeans" style that I just HAD to buy! Once I pressed to purchase the seller was notified and I could then determine if I wanted to pick it up at her place or have it delivered for 30dkr. I chose the latter and another cool thing I noticed was that the money was only withdrawn from my account once I received the item. Again, super easy and safe!  

I highly recommend you to try out Zadaa - not only is it an easy and safe way to sell and buy clothes, it's also great to make a bit of extra money for your next purchase. You can get Zadaa via App Store or Google Play. If you want to find my profile, you can do that by clicking the eye in the bottom and then go to my profile from there.