My 3 Best Tips To Save Money on Luxury Hotels

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Having a travel oriented Instagram profile generates a lot of questions where one of the main ones are: "How do you afford traveling that much?", "Isn't it expensive to go to such luxurious hotels?" - Some people immediately think "Oh that's because she's an influencer, she's getting it for free". But actually no! Most of my travels are paid out of own my pocket but having done it so much now I just know what to do to save money on traveling. Even on the more luxurious ones! In collaboration with Secret Escapes, I have therefore created this list of 3 my best tips to save money on luxury travels! 

Save Money on Hotels

saving money on accommodation is key when you want to travel the luxury way as it's here you tend to spend most of your money! An obvious place to go search for the best deals on luxury hotels is Secret Escapes where you can save up to 70% on luxury hotels which actually makes you end up with some pretty fair deals! The philosophy is that not even the most expensive hotels like to have free rooms and therefore exclusively lower their prices on  Secret Escapes. All you need to do is to sign up for their newsletter and then you can scroll through countless of amazing hotel deals! Tip: Remember to look if the prices are per night or for more nights! At first I was like" Oh my gosh, it's 5000dkr per night!" - then I saw it was for 5 nights which made the crazy luxurious hotel cheaper than an average hotel in Copenhagen! 

Eg. now that I'm in Italy writing you this post I would love to have known about this amazing hotel deal where you only pay around 300dkr per night! I can tell you know that it's way better than the old shag I'm sitting in now! 

Be Flexible

Flexibility is another key ingredient to save money on luxury travels! Usually flying out on a Wednesday is better than a Monday as that's where most business people are flying out and thus the flights are booked. Furthermore, think about the time a year you are traveling. In Europe, everything is super expensive from June to mid-August as that's where the schools have the summer holiday and thus people go traveling with their kids. Can you, therefore, wait until September/ October you'll already see that the prices have gone dramatically down. E.g if you look at the Italian Hotel on Secret Escapes I referred to earlier you'll see that the low price only apply on in October whereas the prices in August are more than 1000dkr.! So, to sum it up: be flexible in terms of time of the week you fly out and time of the year! 

Go Off the Beaten Track

Another great tip if you want to save money while traveling the "Luxurious way" is to go "Off the beaten track". With that I mean you can find some amazing deals on luxury hotels in cities where not all the other tourists are going. E.g. this summer everyone is going to either Santorini or the Amalfi coast and thus, the prices on hotels are Ludacrisly expensive (even if you are staying in tiny shags). So, even outside of tourist season you can expect than average prices on hotels. Simply because it's so popular. However, if you go to places that haven't gone "Instagram Famous" yet you can get incredibly low deals on luxury hotels. E.g. I've found this amazing 5-star hotel in Prague for only 788dkr per night! It's lowered from 1673dkr per night! Crazy deal on a hotel in an amazing city that not many tourists go to compared to other European cities! 


As a little bonus, I just found this deal on Secret Escapes to Iceland. For 2874dkr you get 3 or 4 nights in a really nice hotel as well as other experiences included. For someone that has been to Iceland and loves the country, I can just tell you that this deal is crazy good. We paid that for a stinky old room without anything included.

So guys, if you look into it Secret Escapes can be your next go-to place for planning the luxury holiday on a budget