What to Charge for an Influencer Collaboration? - This is the Tool All Influencers Need to Know of!

What To Charge for an Influencer Collaboration

You have an Instagram profile and maybe a blog or a Youtube Channel where you share your content with your growing audience. Great! You are an Influencer, and it's actually worth something. Maybe you even have been contacted by companies asking if you want to collaborate? Or maybe you are planning to approach the brand. And it's here where the question most influencers ask themself comes in: What should I charge as an Influencer? - What is it actually worth every time I share an Instagram post or write a blog post about this new cool shoe brand? 

I GOT THE ANSWER... Or not directly but I know of a tool that can help you. When I started taking my channels more seriously I wanted to create a Media Kit (very import thing to have if you want to work with companies). I just needed to add the rates of my services, which was super difficult to determine. Because, yeah... What am I actually worth?! Anywho, I came across Socialbluebook.com which apparently is a tool many US influencers use to determine the value of their services. 

What I Love About Social Blue Book

Social Blue Book is, as far as I have understood, made by influencers. So there are no dodgy founders who just want to make money. It gives some sort of comfort but it also means that they really have nailed what it is influencers actually need! SBB helps you determine your rates on literally all sorts of collabs across various channels. 

I love that SBB gives me a foundation for actually asking for a fee because I AM WORTH SOMETHING. I can send the print screen so clients know it's not something I can send to clients so they know I'm not just pulling numbers out of my ass. Knowing how much I should charge as an influencer has also made me realise how much money I actually "save" the companies in marketing money every time I mention their name for free (hey, I'm a ferm believer that not everything should be paid, but you know what I mean...). 

How Does Social Blue Book Work? 

SBB calculates your rates from a lot of various parameters. once you have added the Social Channels you use as an influencer, you can simply choose if you want to know your rate for 1 Instagram post, or 2 Facebook shoutouts or a blog post. You can even add your Twitter and Youtube account and it will also help you calculate what you should charge for collabs on those channels. Pretty damn cool!! 

 What to Charge as an Influencer - Simone Moelle /Instagram

What to Charge as an Influencer - Simone Moelle /Instagram

In the example above you can see that I have connected my Instagram page. According to SBB i Should be charging between 325-339 dollars. for 1 photo as a dedicated upload. If the client also wants a video and a direct link to their product, SBB will also give an estimate of a rate for that.

In this example you can see how I can calculate a collaboration where my Facebook page is included. As you can see I don't have the best engagement and the highest following on my Facebook but 1 dedicated upoad would still cost around 26 dollars - so, it's worth something! 

(Btw! I have just started to focus on my Facebook page, where I will put a lot more unique content up, so please follow it!

So What Should You Charge as An Influencer? 

I guess many of you then wonder: Does she really get 300 something dollars every time she mentions VILA, a Fancy Hotel or Ilse Jacobsen on Instagram? the answer is a pretty hard NO! Some brands I work with for free simply because I like working with them and the collaboration benefits both parties. Some brands I get less money and some I get more because the project can be more demanding. So, what I'm trying to say is that it very much depends on the individual case. As you probably also have noticed I don't do a lot of collaborations yet  (I mark everything as sponsored when I work with brands where there is money involved). But yeah, I hope Social Blue Book can help you create a foundation for charging for your influencer services.... You are worth something!