Interview: Girls Born To Travel - The Instagram Profile That Gives the Biggest Wanderlust!

So, I really been looking forward to sharing this post with you! As many of you, I get most of my travel inspiration through Instagram. I follow other influencers like Doyoutravel and OhhCouture who takes amazing travel shots! But where I get most of my inspiration from, also in terms of how to "style" my photos, is from regramming sites likes @GirlsBornToTravel. GBTT was actually the first profile in that niche I started to follow, as it kept posting photos of different influencers like in dreamy scenarios and in beautiful locations around the world! It was THE site I had been looking for for such a long time! Perfect in any way... So, I actually started to get a bit curious about who the person behind this profile was? She clearly knows how to find the most beautiful photos on Instagram, but she also must be a "wanderlusting" soul herself!... It turned out that she is a stewardesse the travels the world via her job (how cool is that?!) and simply has a good eye for the perfect travel shots. Just the person I wanted to learn from, So, I asked for an interview! And here you go: An interview with Hélène, the girl behind GBTT, who actually has  a beautiful travel profile of her own @elenaflyaway

1. You are a well travelled woman yourself! How do you manage to travel so much and what is it you like so much about it?  I have the chance to work as a travel photographer but also as a flight attendant so it definitely makes it much easier for me to travel all over the world ! Travel is my true love in life, I love exploring news cities and meeting new people. It’s so addictive I love it ! 

2. What made you come up with the idea of GirlsBornToTravel and how did you grow it to where it is today?I started this account almost one year ago. I tend to screenshot tons of pictures whenever I see something I like so I thought « why not creating an account just to put them in it » and voilà that was the beginning of Girls Born To Travel.

3. So many travel curator sites are popping up on Instagram these days. What do you do to stand out?Hum it’s hard to say….every account is so different and unique on their own. The only thing I know is I choose carefully all the pictures I’m featuring and never force myself to feature something I personally don’t really like. 

4. You recently launched your blog, what does it give you and your audience that they don’t get on Instagram? It gives them the opportunity to share theirs stories, tips and advices ! 

5. If you could be anywhere on the planet right now, where would it be? And why? 
Would love to be in el Nino, Palawan, a strawberry smoothie in my hand and laying down on the beach. The Philippines is such a gorgeous country with amazing people. 

6. Of all the places you have seen in the world, which place left you in awe the most? I’ve been to more than 40 countries so it defining hard to choose, but I loved travelling to Brazil, Japan and  the Philippines 

7. Which 2-3 Instagram Profiles are your daily go-to for travel inspiration? Why? @Doyoutravel & gypsea_lust because they make me dream with their perfect couple pictures, @christianannshaffer  I love her dreamy pictures, @meryldenis my bestie, she takes great pictures and I love supporting her passion. 

8. What’s your best travel tip (s)? Get off the tourist trail when you are travelling somewhere and do something different. 

Let me know if you have any other questions and if you have a travel profile yourself I would love to hear from you as well! <3