My Plans for May - Some Traveling (surprise!), Wine Tasting & Bikini Launch

My plans for May

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So... This post was actually going to be live yesterday but the video I made to it ended up stalling in the upload process. It might be one of those articles that come across as boring where I just blather forever about all the awesome things that I have in the pipeline for May. But I am just super excited about all the cool things that seem to be happening in May! Some of it is also little things like buying a pair of shoes (because, every girl needs new shoes, righ?!) or revisiting a good wine bar a in Copenhagen, but all of it deserves a spotlight here and in the video you can watch below. Anywho, let's get to it! 

Ebook - I've been talking about that Ebook quite a lot but it has taken some time for me to get started. It's kinda like writing a thesis except for this is actually something that matters and people are actually reading it. So ehm... it's pretty terrifying when you think about it. However, I am pretty happy to finally having started on this project and even if I only manage to sell one damn copy, it will be a personal victory.  

Sales Kit - Another practicality that I want to start focusing on this month! I have been so occupied with getting all my sites up and running that I have forgotten to give my consultancy focus. So, setting up a sales kit and sending it to businesses that maybe can benefit from my services is really something I want to work on in the following weeks!

Get a Wedding Invite - This one may sound a bit odd but I've found the most PERFECT heels for a wedding party, however, I don't have any parties to attend this year! At least not that I know of so far... I've added them here - to my new "Shop" site where you not only find the heels but also get to shop some of my other fashion favorites this month!

Go to the Movies - I don't think of May as the month where all the good movies come out. nonetheless, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 are premiering tomorrow(!!) and I know that both Mark and I have been looking forward to this one, so hopefully we can find time for a little cinema date soon.  

The the rest of the highlights in May I am looking forward to in the video below