What to give a man that turns 30 and has everything? - I bought an Experience! Can you guess where?

 Picture borrowed from  Renee Roaming

Picture borrowed from Renee Roaming

As I was telling you yesterday, I had spend hours figuring out what to give Mark for his birthday! Last year I gave such a meaningful gift, the same for christmas, so it gets harder and harder to impress that man haha! Our relationship is very much about exploring, but on the other hand I don't want to give holiday trips every time... It gets a bit easy, I think? 

Anywho, in the end I decided to go for a holiday anyways. Mark has been talking about wanting to go to the Faroe Islands for quite some time and I must admit that after I went to Iceland last year, I very much liked the idea of going somewhere "similar". As we have some pretty big plans in the pipeline for this year, I had actually told him that we wouldn't have time for such a trip, so he had absolutely NO IDEA!  

To confused him this morning, I had put the flight tickets in a lot of boxes in different sizes (kinda like babushka dolls) and wrapped them in different gift wrapping paper. On each box I had written a little note about what I wanted to give him. So, on the first box, the biggest one, I had written "I wanted to give you a trip to The Faroe Islands.... But that would have been too obvious". On the next box I wrote "Then I thought about giving you a new camera lense but I'm a broke ass h** at the moment" and so it went on for 4 other boxes until he had gotten to the smallest one where it said "But then I decided to go for my gut feeling and with what I knew you would be most excited about... So, we are going to the Faroe Islands in July" - Needless to say he was so surprised after I had gotten him to open a all the boxes with notes about all the things he thought I would give him, but clearly didn't, haha! 

We are on the Faroe Islands from the 23th. to the 27th. of July so a total of 5 days! I have already done a lot of planning about what we want to see, but I will share that in another post. However, if you have been to the Faroe Islands before and have some good recommendations PLEASE let me know! <3