The Perfect Summer Outfit & 2 TV Shows you HAVE TO Watch! - Maybe You Know Them?

Vila Lace Shorts
Vila Lace Shorts and ruffle knit 2017
Vila Bestseller Lace Shorts

This post is sponsored by VILA - I do not get any profit of this other than the clothes

How Cute is this Wall? I was out shooting photos with Mark some days ago in a rather rough part of town and suddenly, like a feminine contrast to the old brick walls with tons of graffiti, I saw this pastel colored wall! I obviously had to perpetuate my girly summer look there... I mean who can resist such an opportunity? 

Both the shirt and shorts are from last month's selection of VILA items! As I stated in this Video I love love looooove the shirt it's a bit see through and in a light glittery knit which gives it a nice luxurious look. I made the video before I got the shorts but look at them - aren't they just perfect? Despite the great risk for getting them dirty I am bringing them with me on my next holiday! We are leaving on Friday and I simply can't wait! Before that I actually have a spa retreat in Sweden with my sister. We are leaving tomorrow - it's gonna be so good! 

Oh and btw! Maybe you noticed the silence last week? I am so ashamed to tell you this but I ended up binge watching nothing less than 2 TV Shows! However, I did it to tell you to do the same (or that's what I keep telling myself ;)) because both were so good! So, guys you have to watch The Keepers and a Handmaids Tail - both will totally give you the heebie jeebies but in a nice "I-need-to-know-more"-way! 

Glitter Knit: VILA here
Shorts: VILA here
Shoes: Superga here