My 8 Most Valuable Tips Get More Followers on Instagram - A Post Every Instagrammer and Business Should Read

How to get more followers on Instagram - A beginners guide

Working with influencers on a daily basis one of the most frequent questions I get is how to get more followers on Instagram! So, today I want to give my most valuable tips on how to start growing your following on Instagram. On Paper it's actually quite simple, but in reality time consuming, tricky and sometimes frustrating. Frustrating because Instagram has this thing called the Algorithm, which in short is what determines what shows up in peoples feed, how much engagement you get and in the end how fast you get more followers! 

But, that being said it's not impossible and with these 8 tips you are 90% more strategic than everyone else. And that is important to grow your instagram following. Throughout this article I will mention words like: Engagement, Consistency, Story & Content which is the 4 building blocks you need to get more followers on Instagram! So pay attention to these and ask if there's something you don't understand. As mentioned these 8 tips are meant to get you STARTED on getting more followers on Instagram. Obviously there are so many more variables you need to take into account for you to get more followers on Instagram. So, yeah... Here we go! 

1. Settle for an Industry
I know a lot of influencers who want to do everything at once. They are tapping into the Fashion, Food, Beauty, Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Mom and "you name it"-industry. 99% of the time this ends up being a failure. Why? ... People like to put other people into boxes, because then they know if they can relate to it. That way people know what to expect when they start following a new Instagram profile. If you do a bit of everything, you will end up with a mixed audience that only likes 10% of what you post because they don't care about the rest. Furthermore, it will make it more time consuming for you to grow your following via hashtags which is something I will get back to shortly. 

2. Content is King... The Story is Everything
So, creating beautiful an AMAZING content is super important when you want to get more followers on Instagram. Gone are the days where you can post semi-random photos and expect thousands of likes. Unless you are Kim K... Then you can get away with posting a picture of poop and still 1 million likes. Instagram is all about visual content and what I always emphasise to other influencers is that they need to create visual content that stands out and are recognisable. E.g. people now know it's @Simonemoelle whenever they see a photo with pink haze. However, content is no longer everything. The Story is! Find your unique story to tell and let it shine through in all of your content. To use myself as an example again, I tell the story of a fashion loving girl traveling the world with her boyfriend.

3. Use hashtags to grow your following
Okay, so you have the most amazing content in the world, but how will people know that if they can't find you? Hashtags are a great way to let people find your content and hopefully start following your profile if they like what they see. Instagram let's you use up to 30 hashtags per photo and I always recommend to use all 30. As long as they are relevant. And how do you know what hashtags that are relevant? The easy way is to go into other profiles in your niche and see which hashtags they use. Then combine it with photo specific hashtags e.g. if you have a travel profile then add country specific hashtags to the country you are in. It takes time in the beginning to find the best hashtags for you, but when you have done your research put all the hashtags into Notes on your phone so you quickly can add them to your caption. And yeah... Put the hashtags in your caption! It might look ugly but Instagram has recently started to "punish" instagrammers who put the hashtags into a comment below. 

4. Engage With your Community
Instagram's newest feed updates favours accounts they know you are engaged and preferably connected with. So, this really emphasise how important is is for you to not only engage with new people but also the people that are already following you if you want more followers! Engaging with your own audience increases the likelihood of them returning the favour which means you will end up higher in their feed when you post new content. This will in the end increase your engagement which is super important if you are aiming for more Instagram followers! Now, this is not an article about how to increase engagement but the higher engagement you have the more likely you are to be featured in the discovery feed and that will for sure increase your following! 

8 Tips on How to get more followers on Instagram

5. Post Instagram Stories
Okay, so here is a pocket rule of my own i.e. something I haven't gotten confirmed from other sources other than what I have experienced myself. But, I always get more followers the days I post Instagram Stories. I THINK it has something to do with me ending in the discovery feed for Instagram stories in the feeds of people who have visited my profile but havne't followed me. It's Instagram's way of saying "Hey, we know you didn't follow this person, but maybe you would like to do it now you can see how she is on IG Stories". - I don't know, but test it for yourself and see if it works! 

6. Be Consistent
Consistency is important when you want to grow your Instagram Following. Ideally you should post at least 1 photo to Instagram a day but less will do. As long as you are being consistent with not only your posting time, but also your aesthetics, content and story. When you get more followers, people start to expect your photos on a regular basis. Another thing about being consistent is that you build a consistent feed. Your feed is the first thing people see when they go into your profile and in a way it's kinda like your business card. The more visually appealing it is the more likely people are to start following you. Again... Unless you are Kim  K.  

7. Join Pods
Okay, so Pods are a great way for you to indirectly get more followers on Instagram! A pod is a group of people in the same Industry that comments and like every photo from people in their pod. This way the engagement goes up on your photos, and we all know what that means = More Followers! But to me what's more important is the invaluable knowledge sharing you get from people in the same industry as you. You can join as many pods as you like, or even create your own, but just remember you need to engage in every single one of them which can end up being a bit time consuming. So stick to 1 or 2. 

8. Do Shoutouts
Get Feature Accounts (the regramming profiles) or Similar profiles as you to give you a shoutout and the other way around. This is a great way to share followers and grow together - I personally love doing this because it not only inspires my followers to follow other great accounts, but I and the other profile also gets more followers.

This was my 8 tips on how to get started on getting more followers on Instagram! Remember to be patient (and consistent) in whatever you do. I have done several tests and pivots over the time to get more followers and more often than not it takes me at least a month to see remarkable results. If you like this article or have any questions please hit me a comments! Uh And please follow along on my Instagram @Simonemoelle