An Addiction to Earrings and a Closer Look the Newest Addition to my Collection

chanti earrings

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My Earring Addiction
I don't think I've ever written about my addiction to collecting beautiful jewellery and especially beautiful earrings. As you can see I have quite the ear party as it is called when you have "a lot" of piercings in your ear. I have 7 all together - 3 in one ear and 4 in the other. it's like an addiction and every time I tell myself that enough is enough, it takes some days before I see a new pair of earrings that would match well with the other earrings in my ear. I aim for the perfect ear party, and I think I'm one step closer with this pair I got from Chanti. Wouldn't you agree?

The earrings are elegant and luxurious yet subtle, and that's how I like it with jewellery in general. It shouldn't take away the focus from the rest of the look, but have just enough "bling" to take the look to the next level - if that makes sense.

Over the years I've learned to choose quality over quantity when it comes to jewelery. Due to some allergy this is especially important when I choose earrings. It needs to be precious metals otherwise I get sore and itchy ears. Furthermore, it just lasts longer and looks better when you pay a little extra. 

Chanti gold earrings

Ordering Earrings from Chanti
With this campaign I did with Chanti I could choose a pair of earrings of my own liking and with 1000 of earrings to choose from this was actually a bit harder than first expected. However, the search functions makes it a bit easier to narrow down the searched based on my liking. Based on what I told you before I think you kinda get the idea of what I was looking for but still, there were SO many beautiful earrings.  Something caught my attention when I saw these earrings though... They were just perfect and so I decided to order them. It was pretty straight forward, I could choose from a lot of payment options like Visa, Paypal and Mobilepay (danish payment option) and since I ordered for more than 500kr. I even got the postage for free which is something I value a lot when ordering online. To top the service from Chanti it only took a day before I had the earrings in my mailbox. So, as you can hear it was a positive experience shopping from Chanti. 

gold earrings Chanti

What is Chanti
Chanti is probably the biggest online jewellery shop in the nordics. I've known about them for years but never ordered from them before. Maybe because I got a bit overwhelmed of the shear volume of products you can choose from, but honestly now that I have learned the interface a bit more, it is pretty straight forward to narrow down your search. You can buy anything from engagement rings, to necklaces and earrings like the one I bought. There are brands and no brands and all prices ranges but most importantly everything is in good quality. A thing I could wish for, especially when buying more expensive things is product images with people wearing the jewellery as it was pretty hard to determine how big/small these earrings were. there's a free return policy though so it's not that big of an issue. But it would be a nice add-on. Anywho, I'm happy with my new Chanti earrings. At the moment this exact pair is sold out but you can find similar style earrings here and the whole selection of earrings here