VIDEO - How I Pack My Cabin Luggage for a City getaway

YOUTUBE How To Pack Your SuitCase For A Weekend Trip.jpg

I don't know about you but I seriously suffer from the monday blues today. I just want to go on new adventures. Just a few days off on a  city getaway would be great! - Preferably to somewhere warm and exotic but it's not really because we have a lot of those places around Europe...

However, I am starting to become a bit of an export when it comes to weekend trips! With more than 10 trips within a year so far, I now know how to get the most out of my little cabin luggage. I don't pack to much, nor to little. Just enough for me to fill up my suitcase with all that I need for a weekend abroad. The trick is also to have enough empty space if you fall in love with something and you want to buy it.

In the video I show you what I would pack for a city getaway! Watch it and get some inspiration to your cabin luggage simply won't fit all you want in it on your next weekend trip.

Want know the brands of the products I feature in the video go to my Youtube Channel HERE