6 Reasons Why I Sometimes Hate Instagram - Can you Relate?

 Top from Saint Tropez   HERE   (affiliate link) 

Top from Saint Tropez HERE (affiliate link) 

So, It's not because I hate Instagram in the "I want to delete the app"-kind of a way, but I think me and Instagram have some sort of a "Love Hate"-Relationship going on hah! For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, this is my profile. I am an Instagram addict and it is probably the media I spend the most time on during a day. I have written down a list of all the things that, however, sometimes a annoys me. Even things I hate about Instagram... Maybe you can relate? ;)  

Where did the map go?! 
You remember the map feature where you could tap it and not only see where the pictures were taken but also soo all the other countries the person had visited? I loved that feature so why did they remove it? Not only was there something satisfying about filling up your own map with pictures from different countries, you could also use the map of others to make itineraries for your own trips. I want it back, Instagram. Please!!! 

That's so unrealistic! 
Having been in the Influencer business now for a long time, I know how the life of Instagram Influencers is so unrealistic. I know it sells, gives you likes ( I do it myself on my own profile), but dammit I can't help laughing to myself sometimes knowing how cold it must have been for that influencer to take that photo, how much she had to work out and flex in every part of her muscle to take that photo, or how she probably didn't even liked that cake but only ordered it because it looked good on photos. It is superficial, it's unrealistic but damn I love it as well! There's nothing more satisfying about seeing and creating a good-looking feed. And that just takes time and effort. 

Boom just spend an hour! 
I spend sooo much time on Instagram! Like, I can easily spend a couple of hours flicking through my favorite Instagrammers. Then I stumble upon some new profiles and the ball simple rolls from there. It's so much of a habit to look at Instagram for me now, that I sometimes end up pressing the Instagram app instead of the app I actually was going to use. Addiction much?? 

Instagram Stories
I love that Instagram has got their own story function. Mostly because I never really got started with Snapchat. However, it was nice to keep it separated because now I spend even more time on Instagram as I also have to watch people's stories... I feel that the media is still so new, so a lot of influencers (including myself) need to find a way to make it more interesting for people to look at. Think it will be better this year, and some of the big influencers are really starting to become good at it by building up a storyline etc. When I try it myself I sometimes struggle to find enough interesting things to show. But maybe I am just being too critical with what I put up? 

What do you want from me?!
Being addicted to Instagram and being an analytical person, I spend a lot of time analyzing my statistics, which hashtags that work etc. I love analyzing my content because it also helps me to become better. And just as I think I've figured it all out in terms of which hashtags to use, which photo style, background and so on I end up getting fewer likes and comments than the photo I thought was "Meh". I just don't get it haha! But that frustration is also what keeps me being so intrigued and fascinated by Instagram and my followers. 

Rumors! - Is the 4 grid view really coming?
Instagram is constantly testing new things on the platform and lately, the rumors have been going on about the 4 grid view! For someone who spends a great deal of time perfecting my feed and making sure everything fit together it really would KILL me if the 4 grid system became a thing. The problem is that IG never warns or commenting on rumors so you never know if you one day will wake up to a new feed... Damn you Instagram and your shitty communication