10 Random Facts About Me & My Boyfriend On Our 1 Year Anniversary

Exactly a year ago my favourite person in the whole world asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. A year after, I still get butterflies in my stomach and I still have to pinch my arm sometimes to see if it actually can be real that I am so lucky, to be with a person I feel such a deep love and affection for. I could write a long love letter about that, but I won't bore you with the boring details. Instead, here are 10 random facts about our relationsship.

  1. We met at work as we at that time worked for two different companies in a shared office space. We kept it secret for all our colleagues for maybe 6 months - It was sooo hard keeping it a secret and so hard working next each other when all you wanted to do was to kiss and hold hands  
  2. We had our first date on the 21 of December, right before Mark was flying home for Christmas for 3 weeks. It took some convincing for me to go out with someone I "worked with" but I remember I went home from that date thinking it was the funniest date I had ever been on. Mark made me laugh like no other and combined with my clumsiness it was a match made in heaven
  3. Mark is cultural DNA cocktail and when people ask him where he's from you never get the same answer. His mom is Tyrkish and his dad is british but he has lived in Ireland for many years. He has also lived in other countries like Saudi Arabia and Cypress. I am close to 100% danish and have lived in Denmark my whole life. We speak English as I have given up learning Mark Danish.
  4. On Mark's birthday, May last year, I wanted to give Mark something super danish and special. I bought him a bike, because everyone in Denmark bikes everywhere. With the bike followed a long love letter as well map with places in Copenhagen I wanted to explore with him - I think we have been to more or less all the places.
  5. Based on that letter Mark gave me a letter with an early birthday present - 2 tickets to Iceland. Based on his letter we made a promise to each other to not only explore Copenhagen together but the whole world.
  6. And so we have. in the year we have been together we have been to 10 countries together (some of them twice in a year) and 11 countries with Austria that we are going to visit on Friday. We aim to visit a new country each month, which is pretty easy in Europe. We need to come up with a plan for when we have been to all the countries in Europe, hah!
  7. When we met we were out drinking, eating and partying more or less every day of the week! For someone that suffers badly from hangovers, I don't know how I did it! Mark, however, has the irish drinking gene so he can just continue forever. Think we have found a reasonable level of alcohol consumption now which my liver loves me for! ;) 
  8. We are quite silly and childish when when we are together only him and I. In general I think we are two big children that don't want to grow up. and as long we pay our bills and do other (boring) adult stuff, I think that's what makes our relationship so good: We don't take life so serious! 
  9. When I met Mark he always talked about how he liked to start taking photos, but never really had done much about it. I convinced him to try it out, and so he started it along with an Instagram profile. He's doing so well and I am so inspired by how strategic he is when it comes to growing his following along with improving his skills. He inspires me personally and professionally and it was him who convinced me to go full time with my blog and Instagram. 
  10. People our age are all getting kids, getting married and mortgages. Sometimes it can stress us (read: me) a little bit but I value so much that we are doing things differently. We don't have plan structured out for the next 10 years, and we do what feels right for us right now. Not what society tells us to do. In other words, we don't know where we'll be in a year or what we will do but as long as we have each other, both of us are happy!