My 8 Favorite Travel Apps - How I find the best Instagram Spots & Never Run Out of Wifi

Best ravel apps for every instagrammer

As you may know, I am a BIG sucker for travelling and tech. And when you combine that, you get a shit load of apps. However, some more useful than others! In this post I recommend all the apps I use on a regular basis when I travel. I shit you not guys... Some of them are life savers! And some are just really good to locate all the Instagram friendly spots. 

Sygic Travel
A Travel Guide Planner right in your pocket, doesn't that sound awesome? You can choose for yourself how much help you want from the app. It can create pre-planned itineraries in more or less every country and city but you can also switch to the map view and see all the cool spots near you. I mostly do that and get surprised everytime by how good it is to pick up the less touristy spots as well. A must have if you want to go off the beaten track!
This is basically an offline map. Nothing more, nothing less. And it really works well when you don't have any connection on your phone and are depending on a map to get around. 

I have mentioned Townske before and I will happily do it again. Townske is basically a collection of mini travel guides from all the "cool kids" in every town all over the world. Do you want to find the best coffee spots or most photogenic areas? - Townske is the place do your searches. I even use it to get inspired in my own city, Copenhagen! All the travel guides are being supported by beautiful pictures and a handy map so you can see where things are in relation to each other. A must have app for every Instagrammer!! 

When you travel you may find that certain countries block curtain websites, like Facebook and Google. One way to get around them is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), to securely access those blocked sites. Hotspot Shield doesn’t require you to log in, and has a wide coverage that includes 17 countries. Your information is completely private, and connecting to a VPN is dead simple — it just requires a single tap and you can visit your beloved Facebook! 

Hotel Tonight
Want to get the best deals on the best hotels? Then Hotels Tonight is an app for you! It requires that you order your hotel the same day you need it but then you can save up to 60-70%. In my opinion you get the best deals in the US, but it works very well in Europe too. 

This app basically help you locate everything around you. Like where the nearest gas station is, or hospital, pharmacy and coffee shops. All those things that are important to know when you visit a new city. 

Best Travel Apps how to find the best instagram spots and never run out of wifi

Xe Currency 
Recently I've been to places like Bali or Budapest where the currency is something like 1:20.000 compared to the danish currency. I basically have no idea about how much money I spend on things. I use Xe Currency which is a free and well known currency converter.

Wiffnity makes sure you never are out of Wifi. It's basically map of all the public Wifi's including password in each country/city you visit. Sometimes it's private people that just want to help, and sometimes it's cafées. Before I go I simply download the city map with all the hospots and then I can access the map even when I'm offline. 

Do you know of any Apps I miss on the list? Feel free to write me a comment and I will check it out!