A Casual Outfit And My New Glasses

Besides the light grey Gucci scarf I stole from my little sister, it is the glasses I am talking about yes! My eyes have been pretty fucked ever since I was an awkward teenager with horrible taste. I remember I got some really unflattering glasses which obviously lead to me being bullied by the guys in my class.

I therefore didn’t think twice when I a couple of years later was offered to get contact lenses instead. I never thought I would wear glasses again but as I got older my eyes have become more sensitive to wearing contact lenses every day. When the optician a couple of years ago told me I should start wearing glasses more in the daily, I really didn’t want to and my mind was fluttered with all the memories from my awkward teen years.

However, I’ve recently come across some really cool girls with glasses on Instagram, so some weeks ago I decided to give glasses a try again. I therefore partnered up with my optician for contact lenses, Louis Nielsen (danish), and they showed my how flattering glasses actually can be. After trying A LOT I found these glasses from Tommy Hilfiger and I actually feed really chic. And I look sexy – according my very honest boyfriend. I guess what I am trying to say is that glasses can be super cool if you find the right pair for you.

Jacket: Vila
Sweater: Stylesnob
Pants: Zara
Hat: Magasin
Glasses: Louis Nielsen
Bag: YSL