Easy and Irresistible Unbaked Cheesecake

 The finished masterpiece

The finished masterpiece

I love this unbaked cheese cake desert which is super easy to make and doesn't require much effort! - I mean what't not to like? 

This recipes takes approx 30min. to make. 

Unbaked cheesecake Ingredients: 

  • Butter Cookies 2 packs
  • Berries (I used blue berries but you can also use starberries or rasberries) 
  • Cream 0,5l
  • Mascarpone 2 packs
  • Lemon - Sugar 200g
  • Butter 150g
  • Vanilla Sugar
  • Food coloring (I used blue but you can practically choose whatever colour you like) 
  1. Whisk cream until it is really thick. Then add mascarpone, vanilla sugar and lemon( you can add more of either depending on the taste you prefer) . Make sure all of it is properly mixed (I use to whisk all of it on a very high speed with the hand mixer).
  2. Crunch  butter cookies there aren't big pieces of of biscuit.
  3. Make caramel by heating a pan with butter and then put sugar in it. Leave it still until the sugar starts melting and caramelizing, then throw in the cookie crumble. Mix everything together
  4. Serve the desert either by putting it all into one big glass bowl or as I did here, serve in small jars and cups. This version is especially good for parties. When the caramel crumble is cold you can put a little in a cup and top it with the mascarpone cream mix! Add berries and that's it!