Travel Guide To Madeira - The Hidden Paradise Island of Europe

Welcome to my ultimate travel guide of Madeira - the hidden paradise Island in Europe! Very few places have left me in awe the way Madeira did and I think it deserves so much more coverage than it already has. I could write a novel only about how the nature changes around the Island: from tropical Hawaii-like landscapes to warm Faroe Island-like sceneries (and everything in between).  Another thing is the perfect climate which I will get a lot more into in the travel guide below. 

Interview: Girls Born To Travel - The Instagram Profile That Gives the Biggest Wanderlust!

So, I really been looking forward to sharing this post with you! As many of you, I get most of my travel inspiration through Instagram. I follow other influencers like Doyoutravel and OhhCouture who takes amazing travel shots! But where I get most of my inspiration from, also in terms of how to "style" my photos, is from regramming sites likes @GirlsBornToTravel. GBTT was actually the first profile in that niche I started to follow, as it kept posting photos of different influencers like in dreamy scenarios and in beautiful locations around the world! It was THE site I had been looking for for such a long time! Perfect in any way...

6 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Madeira RIGHT NOW

Hi guys! 
A quick hello from beautiful Madeira! Mark and I flew in yesterday and we are spending a whole week here (I am so excited because it's so lush and peaceful here!). Even though we got in yesterday I already have 6 really good reasons to why you need to visit Madeira RIGHT NOW! There will probably be more good reasons after a week here but I will make more blog posts - I promise! So, here we go... 

Video & My Biggest Highlights from Year's Distortion

Last week was crazy as it was the week of the yearly Distortion here in Copenhagen. For those of you who aren't familiar with Distortion it is probably one of the largest street party festivals in the World! With more than 150.000 people partying in the streets and several venues with artists and DJs playing it is a crazy party that you don't see anywhere else in the world.The party lasts for 5 days and I went out 2 of those days. one of the days Mark & I brought all our camera equipment to capture some of the highlights from Distortion on Vesterbro which is one of the neighbourhoods you'll find Distortion . 

What to give a man that turns 30 and has everything? - I bought an Experience! Can you guess where?

As I was telling you yesterday, I had spend hours figuring out what to give Mark for his birthday! Last year I gave such a meaningful gift, the same for christmas, so it gets harder and harder to impress that man haha! Our relationship is very much about exploring, but on the other hand I don't want to give holiday trips every time... It gets a bit easy, I think? 

Anywho, in the end I decided to go for a holiday anyways. Mark has been talking about wanting to go to the Faroe Islands for quite some time and I must admit that after I went to Iceland last year, I very much liked the idea of going somewhere "similar". As we have some pretty big plans in the pipeline for this year, I had actually told him that we wouldn't have time for such a trip, so he had absolutely NO IDEA!  

Here's How My Week's Gonna Look Like & A Pretty Jacket From a Brand you Maybe Know?

How's your week going to be? - Mine's pretty busy with Mark's 30th. birthday on Tuesday, Distortion Wednesday and Thursday and on Saturday we are hosting his birthday with 30+ guests! For those of you who doesn't know Distortion it's basically the world's biggest street party - It's nuts and if you don't believe me go to Youtube and watch some of the videos! 

Last year I gave Mark a bike. He had just moved to Denmark, and didn't have a bike (as the only person in Copenhagen haha). Along came a long and personal letter where I told him about how much I liked him (we didn't say I Love You to each other yet ;)), and I had made a map with all the places in Copenhagen I wanted to take him now he had a bike. Everything was very thought through, so you can imagine how hard it was to top that! 

Turkish Spinach & Feta Borek - A recipe you must try!

Turkish Börek with spinach and feta is a must try if you want to experiment with food from the turkish cuisine! Not only is it easier to make than one would think, it's also a tasty snack that can be eaten all day long! Börek is made by layering several sheets of phyllo dough with a mixture of milk (or yogurt), eggs, and oil in between, and in the middle of those layers you place a filling of your choice (like this spinach and feta cheese). Börek can be found all over the middle east and balkan countries and each family has their own signature shape börek and filling. 

My 8 Most Valuable Tips Get More Followers on Instagram - A Post Every Instagrammer and Business Should Read

Working with influencers on a daily basis one of the most frequent questions I get is how to get more followers on Instagram! So, today I want to give my most valuable tips on how to start growing your following on Instagram. On Paper it's actually quite simple, but in reality time consuming, tricky and sometimes frustrating. Frustrating because Instagram has this thing called the Algorithm, which in short is what determines what shows up in peoples feed, how much engagement you get and in the end how fast you get more followers! 

An Addiction to Earrings and a Closer Look the Newest Addition to my Collection

My Earring Addiction
I don't think I've ever spend written about my addiction to beautiful jewellery and especially beautiful earrings. As you can see I have quite the ear party as it is called when you have "a lot" of piercings in your ear. I have 7 all together - 3 in one ear and 4 in the other. it's like an addiction and every time I tell myself that enough is enough, it takes some days before I see a new pair of earrings that would match well with the other earrings in my ear. I aim for the perfect ear party, and I think I'm one step closer with this pair I got from Chanti. 

A Small Photo Guide to Alaçatı Turkey

Hi everyone! 
Sorry for the radio silence lately... For those of you who follow along on Instagram you know I have been down with the flu ever since I came back from Stockholm! Think the Lack of sleep just hit me right on my immune system. Anywho, I have been spending my time in bed partly cathcing up on House of Cards and partly Editing some of the hundreds of photos Mark and I took in Turkey. We really didn't do nearly as much exploring as we usually do. Time with family was more important but we did manage to get a really good vibe from the village, Alaçatı, and the surrounding area.  So, withouth writing too much I will let the photo's do the talking...

A Hello From Wonderful Turkey

A brief hello from Turkey where Mark and I are staying for the next couple days! As mentioned his mom is from Turkey and she lives in the most adorable little village called Cesme. We walked around yesterday and I could seriously see myself stay here for weeks due to the laid back atmosphere, amazing bars and restaurants and relaxed vibe. In winter it's a bit harder for us to go there but here in the summer times we can get on a plane directly from Copenhagen so I will see if I can get Mark to go on one more trip here before the season ends.

My Plans for May - Some Traveling (surprise!), Wine Tasting & Bikini Launch

So... This post was actually going to be live yesterday but the video I made to it ended up stalling in the upload process. It might be one of those articles that come across as boring where I just blather forever about all the awesome things that I have in the pipeline for May. But I am just super excited about all the cool things that seem to be happening in May! Some of it is also little things like buying a pair of shoes (because, every girl needs new shoes, righ?!) or revisiting a good wine bar a in Copenhagen, but all of it deserves a spotlight here and in the video you can watch below. Anywho, let's get to it! 


Carrot & Beetroot Hummus - 2 Easy Dips That Takes Your Party to the Next Level

I figured it was time for a little recipe again. Maybe it's because I'm going to Turkey on Saturday that I've had hummus on my mind? I don't know... In any case I decided to be a bit ballsy this time and make two new versions (YOLO, right;)): A Carrot and a beetroot hummus. The carrot was my favorite because of the sweetness, but the beetroot was also super tasty. So if you ever have an old beetroot and 2 carrots taking up space in your fridge, you should definitely give both versions a try. I make both from the base of regular Hummus and then I simply add the vegetables which I've baked in the oven for around 35 minutes beforhand. 

Hi Influencer! Here's Why You ALWAYS should Charge Money When Working With Companies!

Happy Monday guys! I have been looking forward to posting this particular blog post for a long time now and maybe that's why it has also been dragging out for a bit. Not only is it a bit controversial (at least in Denmark) but hopefully also an eye opener to you who maybe thinks less of yourself. You see, this blog post is not only for the biggest bloggers and Instagram stars. It is for everyone, even you with the small Instagram profile or that blog with only a couple of followers. You. Need. To. Charge. Money. For. The. Content. You. Are. Making!! 

What I Love About Hiking in Bavaria, Germany

Ask everyone I know and they will tell you that I've never been much of a hiker! But for some strange reason I've fallen in love with hiking. Mark is the same and we actually talked about it recently where we asked ourself where this passion came from? We came to the conclusion that is was when we visited Iceland last year and by "accident" went on a crazy hike to the second tallest waterfall in Iceland. We had to go through a cave, walk on lodges over rivers and walk up a pretty steep mountain path - I tell you guys it was crazy! But the view... Oh man it was breathtakingly beautiful and we had this all to ourself! Ever since we have been hiking whenever we can. Not in Denmark because it is too flat, but the US, and now on a dedicated hiking trip in Germany.